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How to update your baby-page by text message!

Make a birth announcement online!

Try our "text previewer" to see how you should type a text message (SMS) or picture message (MMS) to update a baby's baby-page! (eg to announce a birth!)

To: +44 7740 40 41 42

Subject: (leave this blank)


bbtum Announce birth by text! For example: a baby born at 12:01am on Sunday, weighing 8lb3oz.


baby announcement

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Type the message here that you want to preview. The phone on the right will then show you all the words you should text:

Important! when you send your texts:

  1. All your texts must begin with the word: bbtum
  2. Regretfully, messages must only be 1 page (160 characters or less)
  3. Make sure you've got the number in your phone: +44 7740 40 41 42
  4. Only numbers registered to your baby-page can update it

Further Information:

  1. The updates are 'immediate': your baby-page will update within 10 seconds of your text leaving your phone
  2. If your text reached our site then we will reply to you straight away informing you of its success (or failure if something is wrong)
  3. Your friends & family that are subscribed by text-message or email will be notified before we reply to you
  4. Your message will be added as the top entry on your baby-page
  5. When you send a text-message to your baby-page the due-date count-down is disabled
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