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Remember: babies always need clothes, blankets, toys, nappies, and a lot of cleaning.

When buying clothes you could buy a size up: they grow quickly! Also remember what season it'll be when they will fit the clothes you buy.

A newborn present is for the parents as well as the baby so think about what type of presents would suit their family best !:
plastic/wooden, educational/silly, eco/Johnsons.

Every (new) mother likes presents too! A big bunch of flowers, or pampering things (nice bubble bath, face mask, or chocolate).

Presents donít have to be expensive (or even bought) to be treasured. A home-made voucher offering ironing, a meal for two, cleaning etc is a wonderful way of offering help.

Shopping vouchers can be very useful (especially those accepted by the Bank of England): there are approximately 1000000000 things required when you have a new baby.

If you're feeling generous siblings of the new baby deserve a gift for being so clever by gaining a baby brother or sister.

You can always ask the parents what they need - there will be something!

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