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Clothes of all different sizes will be needed for newborns – tiny baby right up to 0-3 months – depending on the birth weight, so it is advisable to wait until you have received a birth announcement! However if you can’t wait or if you prefer, parents always seem to find it useful to have a handful of bigger clothes (0-3 months or even 3-6 months) so they are not caught out after a growth spurt. (but if you are buying a bigger size remember to think about the season the baby will be wearing them!)

Will the baby be wearing disposable or cloth nappies? Most high street shop clothes fit well over disposables but can be a bit tight over bulkier cloth nappies. If you think cloth nappies are a possibility check out these sites for babies in cloth nappies: and

All babies need a good stock of white vests – sleeved and non-sleeved.

Most babies also need a good stock of bibs!


Traditional cotton baby blankets (the ones with all those holes in) are an essential part of a new baby’s kit.

However more and more parents are quickly moving over to sleeping bags for their little-one’s sleep times ( These come in different sizes and ‘togs’ for different times of the year. (if you are buying a bigger size remember to get the right ‘tog’ for when the baby is that size)

Big ground spread type blankets are invaluable to new mothers if they are planning to sit in the garden (can lay the baby on it on the grass) and can be used for many months to come to tuck in snuggly babies in their prams or car seats when it is really cold.


You know what type of toys the parents of this baby will prefer, and to be honest it’s the parents wishes that matter at this stage! For bold bright shiny plastic type toys the big high street names are still often the best. – Early Learning Centre, Argos, Toys R Us and others all do their own brands as well as stocking many of the named brands such as Tomy (, Vtech (, FisherPrice ( etc.

Think about the fact that babies can only see a short distance and that although they can not hold onto anything, they can very quickly reach out and touch things. Also remember that toy does not have to have multiple lights and sounds to be stimulating. – Often it is better not to over-stimulate a baby’s senses as it makes them less likely to sleep so well! – Some of the best toys for newborn babies are simple things with different tactile/visual surfaces. – cloth books with mirrors in were one of our son’s favourites and seem to be commonly loved by most of the nursery parents.

Playmats can be a wonderful way of keeping a young one happy whilst you get on with the washing … but remember one is all that is needed.


If disposable nappies are being used a few packs can relieve a lot of stress from the first few weeks, and if you are feeling very generous and are a well organised, not-going-to-forget kind of person, an ongoing supply or a home-made voucher for further nappy packs in the future can be a real blessing.

If the parents have decided on cloth nappies (a more and more common choice) then offering to buy some of them - or the ‘wraps’ (outer waterproof pants) or a roll of liners, or any of the other paraphernalia – can be a lovely long-lasting kind of present. There are many, many websites and catalogues from where you can pick up this latest eco-knowledge and buy the goods, however we suggest and as reliable and full of useful information. (One word of warning ….check with the parents exactly what they want and stick to your instructions! Cloth nappy users can get incredibly attached to their nappy choices and may not want to try others)

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