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The "Cute Name" is the name that is used to refer to your baby whilst it's in the tummy! ie you don't have to give away any names you've chosen.
For example "Little Baby".

The due-date is used to show a countdown on your page, if you choose to enable it. Otherwise this information remains private.

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Enter country code first (ie +44654 3210 NOT 07654 3210).
Only authorised numbers listed here can update your baby page (ie you may wish to add yourself and your partner's phones). To add more than one number seperate them with a comma. ie: +44 12456788, +44 987654321.
We will not give or sell this number to anybody. It is completely private.

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This is an administrative password that allows you to change options about how the page looks. Do not give this one out to people!
This password may only consist of letters & numbers. It must be at least 3 characters long.


Hide my baby page from Baby in a Tum searches.

Ticking this option means that only people who know the exact web-address of your baby's page can get to it (ie a link sent via email). It prevents your page being included in the search results of a "Find a baby" search.

Viewing password

This is optional and you may well want to leave it blank. If you choose to use this everybody who wishes to view your page must enter it to log on.

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Terms and Conditions

You, the user, agree to use this website only for its stated purpose of storing pictures and details of your pregnancy and baby. You agree to only upload or send pictures which you are the rightful owner of and have the permission of all persons in the photograph to publish. Baby in a Tum reserves the right to delete your baby-page without notice and without reason.

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