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Baby in a Tum

Welcome to the Demo Baby Page!

Demo Baby was made by Dad & Mum

We've sent this to Baby in a Tum direct from our mobile phone!! He was born today at 9:10am, weiging 8lb9oz

Updated at 9:41 pm on 16 Jul 2007

Baby at 20 weeks

Updated at 9:40 pm on 16 Jul 2007

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Baby in a Tum
10:36 pm - 16 Jul 2007
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Uncle Bob
10:36 pm - 16 Jul 2007
I'm an uncle! Congratulations. Can't wait to meet him.
10:37 pm - 16 Jul 2007
Ahhhhh he's sooooooooo cute
10:45 pm - 16 Jul 2007
It's so exciting. The website texted me as soon as you put that beatiful photo on. Well done all 3 of you :)
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