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Update your baby page by text (eg a birth announcement).
It's simple to set up and simple to do. Your baby page will update immediately!
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Friends & Family

Friends & family can subscribe to receive text-message updates telling them when the baby page has been updated by the parents! Demo sign up page

The life of a Baby Page

  • Create your own baby page
  • Upload picture of mum's pregnant tummy!
  • Click "invite" to invite your friends & family to come and visit your baby page/website for baby
  • Friends & family leave messages on your message board
  • Friendly banter ensues about due-dates, baby names etc!
  • Friends & family subscribe to your baby page so they are notified when you update it (by email or by text)
  • A beautiful baby arrives
  • Have a WELL EARNED rest
  • Take a quick snap on your mobile phone and send to Baby in a Tum to make your Baby Announcements!!
  • All your subscribers are notified by text and email of your baby page update and scramble to our baby website to get a peek of the new baby
  • Parents get no sleep, but survive quite well on happiness & uploading pictures of cute baby to Baby in a Tum for friends & family to see
  • Baby grows up and has a baby of his or her own - go back to beginning of list :-)

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