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Privacy and Security Policy

Your information on Baby in a Tum is completely private. Search engines (ie Google) cannot see your baby web page, or your pictures, or any of your website for baby (unless you put links to your baby page on another website). This means if somebody types your information into a search-engine it will not come to Baby in a Tum because it will have no idea you, your baby, or your pictures exist on Baby in a Tum!. We will not sell or pass on any of your details under any circumstances*.

On top of this there are 3 levels of privacy/security available for you to choose from for your baby page:

  1. Normal - where anybody typing your surname or other details in to the baby search would see the link to your baby page and be able to click on it to see your page
  2. Password Protected - anybody trying to view baby page will have to enter the "viewing password" before they can see it. Baby searches will still show your baby-page in its list but only those knowing the password will be able to actually get in!
  3. Hidden - for those who have the want or need for greater security you can choose to hide your baby-page from baby searches completely. So anyone putting in your surname or other details to our search will not be returned your baby-page in the list. The only way for any family or friends to access this is for you to send the actual page link to them by email. No-one else would even know you were registered!

The "visitor's password" and "hide from baby searches" options are available on the registration page. If you're already registered then it's available from "Change My Details" once logged in as a parent.

If you don't want to you don't even have to enter your names, due-date etc. The only required details are in fact email and a "cute-name" for your baby :)
We do strongly suggest you enter your mobile number so you can text message your page, though!

*We will not pass on your details to anybody unless it is required by the police in a criminal investigation.

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