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We are a UK based baby site written by a Dad with a very cute toddler and beautiful wife. Like many babies ours decided to turn up a little late ;) In the time between our baby's due-date and his birth we had numerous phone-calls from family & friends not sure if we had forgotten them in the birth announcements! ... What birth?!!.

Well. We knew how much people really wanted to know what was going on and we also knew how frustrating it can get when you're big and round and also wondering where baby has got to! Therefore the primary aim of this baby site is to allow your friends & family to keep themselves up to date with your pregnancy, any pregnancy news, future baby news, and birth announcements. We believe our site for babies is unique from other babies sites because you can make instant baby annoucements by text and picture messaging using your mobile phone. Try our demo text-message page to see how easy it is to make a birth announcements by text message.

All you have to do is register a cute-name, email, and password and you'll be given your own free baby-page to add messages and pictures to! Your friends and family may then register with your baby-page to receive instant text messages or emails when you update your page. We keep your details and pictures secure and hidden from the "general web public". For more details on this please visit our privacy & security page. You can also view our demo baby-page to see what a page might look like or you can see more details on Baby-Pages to see how a Baby-Page is typically used.

The baby website is being continually modified so please do give us feedback and/or suggestions by clicking the feedback link at the bottom of any page.

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